This is the Meet The Truth website.  The blog is intended to give you,  the visitors to the website and readers of the books, a chance to share your thoughts and opinions regarding our material.

The books are the central focus of both the website and the blog.  All three of "The Truth Trilogy" books are available at your favorite ebook retailer.

The first book is: “The Truth About Money: How To Find Joy and Peace”and the second is: "The Truth About Natural Laws: How To Find Joy and Peace."  The final book in The Truth Trilogy is: "The Truth About God: How To Find Joy And Peace."

All three books have a similar theme; that life is harder than it should be and certainly more difficult than it was intended to be because we disregard universal principles intended to help us live with Joy, Peace, and Contentment.  These universal principles are God given Natural Laws.  We were never meant to live with worry, stress, and anxiety, but joyfully, with a sense of  Peace and Contentment.

I welcome your comments and hope the blog, website, and particularly, the books provide food for thought and are helpful to you.

Thank you.

T. C. Maloney